Paul Pfeiffer

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Paul Pfeiffer was born in Honolulu but raised in the Philippines. He works with video, photography, and sculpture. He does work with sporting events and photography featuring athletes. His phototography is well known and widely appreciated.
Paul’s work is great and his athletic shots are inspiring. They show determination in the athletes’ through expression and pose. Determination that got them where they are, and helps keep them there.

Pipolotti Rist

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Pipilotti Rist is a Swiss video artist whose favorite number is 54… She lives in Switzerland and studies comercial art, photography, and illustration. She is also a member of a music band. She was born in 1962 and served as visiting professor at UCLA in 2002 and 2003.
Pip’s work is incredible, I love it. My favorite video was ‘Im not the girl who misses much’ it is somewhat creepy. It looks like something out of a horror film. She stumbles around singing ‘Im not the girl who misses much’ and the tape is sped up so her voice is creepy and she is moving at an unnatural pace. Also her chest is hanging out… somehow this just adds to the video’s creepy-ness without feeling inappropriate. I am definitely a fan. And ‘Im not the girl who misses much’ is stuck in my head.

Bill Viola

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Bill Viola is primarily a video artist who graduated from Syracuse and has been working in video for thirty plus years. He has displayed his work at the Museum of Art in New York. He works with many different forms of technology including music performances and broadcasting. He travels and works closely with his executive director and wife Kira Pirov.
Mr. Viola‚Äôs work is interesting, I particularly liked his messenger videos. A figure breaks through deep water rises above the surface and plunges down again. I appreciate video artists’ and the work they do, but having just worked with animation I know how tedious it is. I am amazed that people spend their lives doing this work… but I suppose they are lucky they don’t have the regular 9 to 5… so I guess I would do it…

Time project 3

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Time Project

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Delicious is a site full of bookmarks that might be difficult to find on your own. They say that searching the web makes you a better employee and certainly more educated as well… so this is a great site to play around on between appointments. Photographer Extraordinaire

April 6, 2009 on 10:16 am | Written by: | In Uncategorized | Comments Off on Photographer Extraordinaire is a site Matthew uses to share his photography. The site is a white page with images arranged in no recognizable shape though it does have form. You may click on an image and it is zoomed in on, the photos seem to juggle or jump as they retract. Among the images are cards of information about Matthew. He attended Rutgers University and earned his B.A. in Documentary Photography. He is well traveled and has spent time in Turkey and Afghanistan. Matthew returned to New Jersey and held various jobs of little consequence or advancement before pursuing his carrier in photography(his hands were to short to play the guitar). He is a short man of half Irish and Puerto Rican decent and his birthday is 7-12 (he omits the date).
Matthew’s photos are interesting and appear to be set up. Im curious as to wether he put people in these situations or if he stumbled upon them; I think the former. He appears to have a great sense of humor and his site is interesting, it is kind of like a maze you have to work your way through to learn about. It is different and makes you think/work, I thought is was creative. What does N mean under gender? None? But it also says he likes to take pictures of girls for money… hmm. Another mystery.


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